Dizzying Patterns Envelop Imagined Characters in Portraits by Sofia Bonati

 Illustration #butterflies #drawing #flowers #pattern #portraits October 22, 2021 Grace Ebert All images © Sofia Bonati, shared with permission In the hypnotic portraits of Argentinian artist Sofia Bonati (previously), women find themselves embraced by backgrounds of black-and-white linework, foliage, and abstract geometries. The feminine characters often have rosy cheeks and earnest expressions, and they […]

Project Stardust: A Photographer Scours Rooftops Across the Globe for Minuscule Cosmic Particles

 Photography Science #macro #meteors #space October 22, 2021 Grace Ebert All images © Jon Larsen and Jan Braly Kihle, shared with permission According to Olso-based photographer and researcher Jon Larsen, the most exotic particles from across the universe are likely hiding in a rain gutter or scattered among debris on rooftops. Larsen, who works […]

They’re Baaaack: Meet the Creepy Dolls from the History Center of Olmsted County Collection

 History #dolls October 22, 2021 Grace Ebert All images © History Center of Olmsted County We’re sorry to introduce you to the cursed cast of the History Center of Olmsted County’s notorious Creepy Doll Contest: there’s the demonic “Miss Abyss” and her glowing portal-like eyes, the conniving criminal mastermind “Professor Moriarty” that will likely […]

Putt Around the Playable Artworks of ‘Par Excellence Redux: The Back 9,’ Now Open at Elmhurst Art Museum

 Art Colossal #exhibition #games #golf October 21, 2021 Colossal All images courtesy of Elmhurst Art Museum, shared with permission The Back 9 of Par Excellence Redux, an artist-designed miniature golf course, is now open at the Elmhurst Art Museum. Curated by Colossal’s founder and editor-in-chief Christopher Jobson as part of an open call, the […]

Three Sisters Face an Impending Climate Disaster in an Existential Stop-Motion Short

 Animation #climate crisis #puppets #short film #stop motion #video October 21, 2021 Grace Ebert  What begins with a calm morning filled with stunningly bright sunlight quickly morphs into a short film of existential crises and the life-altering implications of climate disasters. Directed by Frédéric Even and Louise Mercadier with production by Papy3D and […]

32 Wildly Different Cover Designs Interpret Dave Eggers’ New Sci-fi Novel

 Design Illustration #books #science fiction October 21, 2021 Grace Ebert By Clare Rojas. All images courtesy of McSweeney’s, shared with permission Coinciding with the rise of the vibrant book cover blob, Dave Eggers’ new novel takes a profoundly divergent approach. The Every was released this month by McSweeney’s—the author is also the founder of […]

Poignant New Works by Pejac Confront the Urgency of Global Crises in Disquieting Detail

 Art #acrylic #activism #capitalism #climate crisis #oil painting #painting #spray paint October 20, 2021 Grace Ebert “Counterweight” (2021), oil, acrylic, and spray paint on paper mounted on a wooden stretcher, 190 x 135 x 4.3 centimeters. All images © Pejac, shared with permission Spanish street artist Pejac (previously) addresses the concept of “returning to […]

Innumerable Dots Cloak the Energetic Dancers in Betty Acquah’s Pointillistic Paintings

 Art #acrylic #painting #pointillism October 20, 2021 Grace Ebert “Child at Heart I,” acrylic on canvas, 30 x 40. All images © Betty Acquah, courtesy of Kuaba Gallery, shared with permission Movement, motion, and emotion permeate the joyful, pointillistic paintings by Ghanaian artist Betty Acquah. Rendering dancing children, costumed troupes, and their surroundings simultaneously, […]

Circular Vaults Embedded within a Prague Embankment Contain Shops, Cafes, and Public Spaces

 Design #architecture #Czech Republic #Prague #river #stores October 18, 2021 Grace Ebert All images © BoysPlayNice, courtesy of Brainworks New cafes, galleries, and studios are popping up along the Vltava River in Prague, although they’re not immediately visible from atop the embankment. Tucked inside former storage units embedded within the structure itself are several […]