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We provide and impart you with the assistance that is helpful for you get your issues resolved regarding me- cloud. The rigorous and severe problems are occurring in I- Cloud is fixed so that you can enjoy the best of our services.

Apple Support

About I-Cloud

iCloud is a cloud computing and cloud storage service provided by Apple Inc. As per the latest reports, it has more than 700 million users added to it. It enables its users to store data such as photos, music, and documents on remote servers with the help of IOS devices. It ensures that the users can send this information other users. Everything has a data syncing app for emails, contacts, calendars, bookmarks and other documents frequent for the different users.

Features of cloud

  • Backup and restore facility for the protecting some important files further for any use. These files may be documents, emails, photos and music files.
  • The iCloud acts a secure database that allows user’s website login passwords, email passwords and credit and debit card management.
  • Encryption of some relevant content that is available by a legitimate user via a secure authentication.
  • Safe and secure for online transaction. All of us are doing safe transaction today and secure from third parties.
  • Cloud storage with unlimited storage and memory.
  • Photo stream feature is the most attractive quality that enables you to store most recent 1000 photos for 30 days without any cost. Photo Stream automatically uploads the photo with a stream enabled device as the picture is clicked.
  • The cloud photo library is another feature which stores all of your photos. Maintaining your original resolution and metadata frequently.
  • Massive storage is allowing space up to 2TB.
  • The Cloud Drive is a file hosting service which allows you to store any file on the web for better protection and data can be retrieved anytime you want.

Issues of cloud

Third party developers have criticized cloud frequent for the bugs that make some features unusable.  Let us list down some matters related to cloud.

  • Privacy issues that criticize the end to end description, also known as client side encryption. This will prevent frequent hack issues going nowadays
  • Errors and bugs are occurring storing files on the cloud.
  • Data losses are frequent while using clouds.
  • Unauthorized access caused authentication problems.
  • Unsecured downloads from the cloud.

Support for cloud

Our support for cloud includes the solution to your every problem and provides with the best services. The support we avail you with is to improve the overall aspects of your cloud so that you can get its full use in a better and smoother way. We ensure that you get all time support 24*7. All members will pick up the call and provide assistance to you.

About third party company

Everything is available on the support website. Our support is the easiest and convenient way to get all your issues resolved. Fulfilling the demands of our customers is our prime concern.