Stadia now experimenting with free game trials starting with Hello Engineer

Google Stadia is now offering free game trials for players to try a game before buying it, starting with one game and potentially expanding over the next couple months.

The company quietly added the feature, as 9to5Google reports, with multiplayer construction game Hello Engineer being the first title. Stadia players can sign in and click on the free trial option from the game’s store page to begin a 30-minute trial. It is important to note that pausing within the game does not pause the trial, so the 30-minute timer shown does not stop after clicking start.

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Google told The Verge in a statement that the free trials are “an experiment” that the company will be trying over the next couple of months, and will offer more titles for the feature. It’s worth noting that the 30-minute timer may change and certain players may see different trials of games over others.

There is a store page dedicated to games with free trials, though Hello Engineer is currently the only game on the list. The feature could come to some of the best Stadia games for players to try, but only time will tell.


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